Enterprise Risk Management

Enterprise risk management (ERM) is a process of identifying risks, assessing them in terms of likelihood and impact, mitigating them with appropriate response and controls, sharing by insuring or accepting risks considering cost benefit.

The objective can be best accomplished by adhering to enterprise wide approach drawing upon the requirements of various regulations (for e.g. SOX, HIPAA), ISO standards, frameworks, organizational planning and internal control. Enterprise-wide approach is necessary to manage variety of risks in numerous departments, functions and processes considering inter-relationship of risks. Hence, coordination and integration is key for successful ERM and a company take benefit of what is commonly called as ‘Upside of Risk’.

Current Scenario

  • Risk is silo-ed in functional and business vertical. This results in lack of perspective about inter-related risks
  • Lack of real-time information about risks at ground-level within the organisation
  • Large volumes of data distributed across systems, countries,  cloud, employees, vendors and suppliers
  • Stringent regulations around data privacy
  • Lack of information about inter-related risks due to silo approach taken for risk management
  • Compliance with multiple regulations with overlapping requirements

How we can help

  • Identification and priorization of enterprise-wide risks
  • Creation of an ERM framework that will address business risks and regulations using defined standards (COSO, ISO31000, NIST)
  • Development of processes to build a sustainable risk management program
  • Definition of Key Risk Indicators (KRIs) and dashboard
  • Develop an information security strategy within the company’s governance framework
  • Comprehensive solution that address multiple risks and requirements (Intellectual property, Information Security, Data privacy regulations and Industry-specific regulations)
  • Independent Assessment of gaps in security
  • Implementation of tools and technologies to enable enterprise-wide monitoring and reporting

Specific Services

  • Risk analytics and Dashboards

  • Tools Implementation (SAP GRC Risk Management)

  • Information Security Governance

  • Social media

  • Cloud Security

  • BOYD Policy

  • Business Resiliency & Continuity

  • Data Retention Compliance

  • Consumer Privacy

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