Forensic Accounting

Forensic accounting is the specialty practice area which involves the use of accounting skills to investigate fraud or fund pilferage and to analyze books of account with supporting documents for aid in legal proceedings. As the impact of fraud keeps pressure on bottom line, it is important to identify misconduct and plug the gap.

Forensic accounting requires knowledge of accounting, auditing and investigation. Quadrisk’s consultants have many years of experience in forensic accounting, supported by relevant educational qualification. Knowledge of major ERP’s is another factor that aids Quadrisk in Forensic Accounting

At Quadrisk, we extensively use analytics and big data technologies for faster and accurate results. Quadrisk has robust tools and technical prowess for conducting forensic audit to unearth fraud, misappropriation of funds or fund diversion.

Current Scenario

  • Data Difficulty in analyzing data in multiple systems including complex ERP systems
  • Huge Volumes of Data
  • Advanced technology used by perpetrators of fraud
  • Increased complexity in business environment that makes it difficult to identify fraud

How can we help

  • Expertise in ERP audit and control assessments
  • Extensive use of technology in the form of advanced analytics
  • Experienced consultants backed by relevant qualifications
  • Implementation of Fraud Risk Management Framework

Specific Services

  • Fraud Investigation
  • Digital Forensics
  • Asset Discovery and Tracing
  • Forensic Audit
  • Fund Diversion
  • Design of Fraud Risk Management Framework
  • Implementation of Fraud Risk Management Framework
  • Accounting Fraud Detection
  • Integrity of Evidence Maintenance Solutions
  • Remote Surveillance
  • Fund Misappropriation

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