Information Governance

There are four major trends related to data: More data, more threats, more regulations and more demands for ease-of-use of information. Companies need to balance ease of use of data with security and compliance requirements. We help our customers make informed decisions by providing options based on the context of their operations.

Current Scenario

  • Large volumes of data distributed across systems, countries,  cloud, employees, vendors and suppliers ​
  • Increased threats to data. Hacking is now a bigger business than dealing in illegal drugs
  • Stringent regulations around data privacy
  • Increased importance of intellectual property
  • Increased demands from employees for an open work culture and “bring your own device”

How we can help

  • Develop an information security strategy within the company’s governance framework
  • Comprehensive solution that address multiple risks and requirements (Intellectual property, Information Security, Data privacy regulations and Industry-specific regulations)
  • Independent Assessment of gaps in security
  • Provide available technology options for monitoring access and tracking usage of data
  • Define data security policies and procedures
  • Conduct awareness workshops and communication