Qura is built using highly scalable software components to handle large number of events and large volumes of data, documents and users. Analytics platform provides for detection of anomalies and suspicious transactions after churning and blending ocean of data; both internal and external. It comes with over 50 pre-built rules and algorithms.

Huge data analytic capability adds new dimension to internal audit function. Analytics absolves the need for sampling while expanding horizon of audit. Insights from analytics provide process gaps which, if not plugged will lead to control breakdowns.

How can Qura Fraud Analytics solution help in Fraud Discovery and Internal Audit?


High Accuracy in Identifying Fraud 

Qura uses sophisticated algorithms coupled with massive computing capabilities to identify frauds and revenue leakage

Predictive Analytics 

Data Profiling enables Qura Analytics to predict fraudulent transactions on real time. It has an intelligent system that uses machine learning to detect and prevent fraud.

Lower Cost of Audit 

Qura Analytics helps in lowering the cost of audit through automation using machine learning. Qura also comes with cloud based solution to lower initial investment and infrastructure costs.

Strengthening audit coverage 

Qura helps in increasing coverage of audit in terms of both data size as well as additional areas. This can be achieved without corresponding increase in effort, time and cost.

Integrating external data 

One of the powerful features of new age tools is to analyze data in the light of third party data which is publicly available in various government websites, third party maps or even the social media.


  • Statistical analysis
  • Analysis of unstructured data
  • Connectors to third party data
  • Connectors to social media
  • Pre-built rules for procurement
  • Interactive dashboard
  • Built in case management feature to track and close anomalies
  • On-premise and Cloud solutions

How does it work?