Bring anomalies, incidents and audit findings to closure through due assessment and collaboration


Qura Case Management provides collaboration for managing exceptions, incident or audit issues. It has ability to establish a system of record of incidents/events with the ability to assign a case handler, documentation of investigation, and track diverse case types.

Value for clients

Empowers audit team – Qura Case Management provides single view of

  • Alerts
  • Audit Results
  • Self-Assessment results
  • Issues

A centralized hub provides auditors to track all cases relation to particular control and perform objective assessment. It provides seamless integration with different sources of incidents/cases.

Gain control over exceptions – Visually monitor and track key metrics on all cases/incidents across organization. Interactive and drill down enabled dashboard provide tools to monitor, track and assign case using workflows.

Automated workflow – A case is automatically assigned based on control ownership. It can be assigned to other users based on in-built workflow.

Unified repository – Besides collection of all incidents/cases, users can also attach documents. Users can easily attach case-related documents to each case to manage the trail and conclusion