Qura Control Repository

Qura Control Repository is off the shelf, rapid implementation package for risk and control documentation. It is designed by domain consultants that have decades of experience in control documentation and assessment with best in class consulting expertise. It has flexible framework that can support any framework/standard/regulation (COSO, CoBIT, SOC 2) and integrates with any content.

Qura Control Repository is designed to manage all types of compliance regulations; from SOX and its global cousins to industry specific and regional regulations like HIPAA, CERC, REACH, NERC, GLBA etc.


Value for clients

Flexibility – Qura has flexible framework that can support any framework/standard/regulation (COSO, COBIT). Each company has its own unique approach of documenting controls and setting up Process – Risk – Controls hierarchy. Qura offers enormous flexibility in terms of nomenclature, workflows, fields, organization structure etc. Inter-relationships can be established across any hierarchy. Drill downs are available across various parameters like Entity, Geography, Function, Domain, Regulations, Risks, or Controls

Easy configuration – Users have the option to choose the fields with specific attributes

Policy Management – End to end policy management with periodic review and acceptance

Standardized Control Assessment – Each control may be linked to test steps to ensure standardized testing across organization

Multi-compliance framework – Qura control repository supports multi-compliance framework. It’s a single platform for documenting and managing all compliance initiatives. A single control is associated to multiple regulations and risks. This optimizes the control structure and reduces audit costs.