QURA – Track

A tool to ensure revenue is recognized only on actual outward movement

Difference of timing between invoicing and actual outward movement of goods has been constant source of audit issue for revenue recognition. The ‘Gate-Exit’ may be stalled for various reasons. Driver not being available, vehicle is not road worthy, delay in loading goods, paper work etc. For revenue recognition, it is important to know the timing on when the outward movement actually take place.

The purpose of QURA Track is to facilitate the process of logging and aggregating the invoices for delivery in trucks leaving the premises of the client for the purposes of auditing. Thus, the primary objective of the QURA Track is to create a viable alternative to logging such invoices manually and to ensure revenue is recognized only when goods move out of premises.

QURA Track is designed to be quick, efficient, and extremely easy to use. It offers useful features without overwhelming the user with complications. The user interface is intuitive with little or no learning curve. Beyond these general design principles, the application also provides following concrete functionalities:

  • Capture of invoice data from multiple sources.

  • Aggregation of invoice data to a central (server) database.

  • Invoice data can be captured only within the geo-fence specified for each location.

  • Offline use of invoice capture process.

  • Access to multiple users of aggregated invoice data.

How does it work?

QURA Track module is composed of two primary components: client-side applications running on Android devices and PCs that will log the invoices, and a server-side application which will aggregate the invoices collected by all the clients to a central database and will display the invoices to various users. The server side application will also manage the access to the devices.

Key Features

Client (device) side:

  • Capture and parsing of data present in the QR code printed on the invoice sheet.

  • Capture of the image of the truck containing the invoice sheet.

  • Capture of invoice data from only within the designated Geo-fence (area).

  • Offline use of invoice capture process, with invoices to be held locally in a queue on device till access to server is available.

  • Periodic aggregation (upload) of invoices present in the devices to the server.

  • Notification to the user on the state of upload of captured invoices.

  • Display of upload state captured by the device previously captured invoice.

  • Deletion of stale invoice data (older than 2 days), already uploaded to server.

  • Prevention of usage of third-party apps on device using a “Kiosk Mode”.

  • Upload of invoices to the server from a PC using an “Offline Sync” mode.

  • Update of client app from server or “Automatic Update”.

  • Automatic Update of app from PC through Offline Sync.

Server side:

  • Client (device) management.

  • User account management for access to multiple users to the server application.

  • Display of invoices uploaded to the server to users, using selection criteria.

  • Export of invoice data to different data formats.

  • Define geo-fencing borders