The cost of non-compliance is up to three times the cost of compliance. Learn how we can help to reduce cost of compliance through automation with Qura.

Compliance officers are fatigued by the ever-rising number of regulations. Companies derive more value when they align the regulatory requirements to its business risks and pro-actively anticipate future regulations. Quadrisk provides solutions with the objective of enhancing the quality of its operations.

Current Scenario

  • Audit issues, penalties and litigation

  • Need to ensure compliance requirements are met for new operations and services launched.

  • Impacted by number of regulations with overlapping requirements

  • Lack of visibility about meeting all compliance requirements across locations, business units and functions

  • Grappling with high cost of compliance due to do redundant, manual effort

How can we help

  • Independent assessment that compliance requirements are met

  • Interpretation and adoption of new regulations

  • Develop a robust framework that will address the regulatory requirements, business risks and business objectives

  • A roadmap to address immediate issues, and sustain compliance in the long-run

  • Recommend the optimum level of controls to meet compliance requirements and meet business objectives

  • Define method for documentation, execution and monitoring of internal controls

  • Recommend technology/tools for implementation

  • Define policies, procedures, standards, guidelines

  • Perform period testing to monitor effectiveness of controls

Specific Services

  • Sarbanes-Oxley (USA)??

  • Clause 49 (India)

  • Data Privacy Act (UK)

  • Anti-Money Laundering

  • HIPAA Compliance (USA)

  • Dodd-Frank Act

  • Foreign Corrupt Practices Act

  • Know Your Customer

  • Data Retention Compliance

  • Consumer Privacy

  • ?ISAE 3402, SSAE 16

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