Non-compliance and Revenue leakage in Shared Services operations using big data analytics

The Client – Indian subsidiary of one of the multinational companies located in Bangalore for their Shared services organization

The Scope – The Company uses shared services for operations across India. It wanted to track frauds, revenue leakage and process inefficiencies. The data volume was in millions of records.

The Solution – 

  • Analytical Rules to

    • Identify revenue leakages for Shared Services organization

    • Identify non-compliance issues

    • Identify fraud (for T&E)

  • Unified Dashboard with following

    • Real time alerts based on the defined rules

    • Compliance program management with overview across the company

  • Controls repository

    • Repository for Risk-Control Matrix, SOP, Test Plans, Test results, Alert Ruleset

The Outcome 

  • Identification of cases of revenue leakages  like duplicate payment to vendors

  • Identification of non-compliance issues – e.g. revenue recognition

  • Early identification of instances of fraud and corruption